The Effective, Affordable Safety Program from American Whistle Corporation

This program is ideal for colleges, police departments, hospitals and any organization wanting to increase safety awareness.

The piercing, distinctive blast of a truly good whistle can scare away attackers and bring people running to a victim's aid. Yet a whistle cannot be turned against a victim, as weapons can.

That's why organizations known for effective safety - such as campuses like the University of Colorado and the University of Illinois - have initiated long-term Whistle Defense programs using the dependable, long-lasting American Defender TM from American Whistle.

See what some colleges have to say about the Whistle Defense Program.

A Whistle Defense Program allows you to help everyone in the community take an active, yet safe part in reducing crime, and we will provide:

  • Program Organizer's Guide includes instructions on starting & sustaining a successful program.
  • Optional custom imprinting on whistle increases popularity.
  • Whistles available packaged individually with a key ring to encourage use or in bulk.
  • The only metal whistle made in the USA... promised to be priced competitively and delivered fast.

For complete program and pricing information,
call American Whistle at 1-800-876-2918
E-Mail: custserv@americanwhistle.com

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