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COVID-19 Response & Announcement


First and foremost, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy, as we socially distance and shelter in place to lessen the spread of COVID-19.


In the midst of this pandemic, the American Whistle Corporation is experiencing the same hardships and uncertainty as most small businesses in America today, but it’s been especially difficult because the majority of our products support sports and group events that have been canceled until further notice as a necessary safety precaution. With this challenge we considered ceasing business operations, but realized it was also an opportunity to support our customers’ needs and to give back.


As the only maker of brass whistles in the United States, our company has stood for sportsmanship, safety and recognition within the sporting, military, education and law enforcement communities for almost 65 years. We realized that the current situation requires those qualities, now more than ever, and that as a company we must pivot.


In response to the changing needs, we’re refocusing our production priorities towards making loud, durable, high-visibility plastic safety whistles to support the safety and wellness of individuals and families everywhere. The current quarantine directives require physical distance from everyone else, and that isolation can cause additional safety concerns. Our Patriot Personal Safety Whistle helps to address these challenges:

  • To make sure those living alone or self-isolating can be heard if they are in distress or need assistance

  • To allow children and families to be seen and heard, and to communicate, as they reconnect with the great outdoors since it is one of the only approved activities outside of the home

  • To provide a simple, effective and affordable self-defense device that can be used by all ages to prevent, deter and alert others of threatening situations


We must take this opportunity to recognize the incredible efforts of the medical, law enforcement,  first responder and military communities, the teachers and educators, and all of the essential workers who are on the front lines to protect everyone’s health and safety, and ensure order and progress as we work to get back to normal life. We’re donating our first production run of 1000 Personal Safety Whistles to the Columbus, Ohio Division of Police. The Columbus Police department continues to provide critical community outreach support by distributing daily school meals to children, and our individually sealed whistles will be offered to families along with those meals. We wouldn't be here without the support of the Columbus community as well as the larger law enforcement community who have used our whistles for years, and we’re honored to support both groups as advocates of safety and wellness.


We’re all in this together, even if we’re physically apart. We optimistically look forward to hosting our factory tours again, and sharing the American manufacturing process as well as the new injection mold machine that we’re using to make our new safety products. Until then, be well!  

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