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Professionals in the street rely on safety tools from whistles to weapons and body armor to cruisers to protect and serve. It is important to equip a department with the best quality supplies available, after all, lives depend upon these tools. They are as important to the career officer as a badge. We offer a full line of whistles, snake chains and whistle hooks to meet the most stringent uniform requirements. For traffic control, our unique rubber Safe-T-TipsTM provide protection from temperature fluctuations as well as cushion the mouth. Our custom made lanyards can be custom imprinted with a department name or emergency number. These are great for officers and civilians alike to display identification in the precinct and out in the community. And finally, the generous nature of police officers in general always leads to the idea of recognizing outstanding performance and long years of service. Our award whistle line of gold, silver or bronze-plated whistles in solid wood boxes are impressive and meaningful symbols presented to thousands of officers annually in recognition of their dedication and service.

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