The American Classic Gold Award Whistle

The American Classic Gold Award Whistle

Handcrafted from solid brass and overlaid in rich 24K gold with a solid walnut display case and burgandy lining that enhances the whistles lustrous finish.


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Stock Engraved Nameplates;

"Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions" - Harold S. Geneen

"They call it coaching but it is teaching. You do not just tell them... you show them the reasons" - Vince Lombardi

World's Greatest Teacher

World's Greatest Coach

World's Greatest Mom

World's Greatest Dad


OPTIONAL: Laser Engraved Display Case We can laser engrave your logo or message directly on the top of the award whistle's display case. Art will be sized to approximately 1" x 2 1/2". Please email original black and white art in a tiff, bitmap or CDR file to ($10.00)


OPTIONAL: Whistle Engraving We will engrave up to 5 characters directly on the award whistle. Suggestions: COACH, the date, first or last name ($7.00)


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